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The Importance of Teaching Kids to Love Learning

July 27, 2018

Technological ProgressThe evolution in technology is a wonderful thing.  In today’s world, we can connect with friends and colleagues across the globe at the touch of a button.  We can verbally converse with semi-sentient robots living in our phones (Siri) and homes (Alexa) and find out anything from travel directions to daily trivia questions.  We can even order cupcakes-in-a-bottle with overn...

The Greatest Gifts for Kids

June 23, 2018

At Digital Adventures, we have many opportunities to work with a variety of kids on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. Our privileged position as instructional provider for technology based learning has enabled us to observe some key trends about what kids seem to value most. As a parent who is just starting out (rookie) or one who has been at this for quite some time (veteran), we thou...

4 Tips for Graduates From a 3X Student

June 2, 2018

Around this time of a year, parents and kids celebrate an important milestone….graduation. Whether it’s my youngest son, finishing pre-K or my daughter completing elementary school; this is a truly a special time of the year. Over the course of my life, I’ve had the good fortune to earn 3 degrees (BS Mechanical Engineering - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, MS Mechanical Engineering - U...

Opportunity in every difficulty

March 17, 2018

“A pessimist sees the difficult in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” – Winston Churchill When we read quotes like this, we often want ourselves and our children to be more like the optimist. Oftentimes, this has to do with either how we’ve seen pessimists create such a negative environment in the workplace that often nothing can get done once someone has ...

The Enduring Myth of Self-Teaching & Self-Directed Learning

February 3, 2018

Recently, I was reading an article entitled, “How this self-taught 14-year-old kid became an AI expert for IBM”. Curious, I clicked in to learn more about how anyone, much less a young kid, could self-teach himself a complicated subject like artificial intelligence. As it turns out, his dad was a computer programmer who began exposing his son to technology at a very young age (5 years old). Fro...

The secret roadmap to asking your kids better questions

December 9, 2017

As a parent, you want to make sure that you're staying involved in your child's education, and that you're encouraging them to think deeply about the content that they're learning. Every parent has had the experience of helping their kids with homework, and wondering if they could be doing more. How great would it be to have a tool that supercharges these conversations with your kids? I want to...

Disrupting Your Child's Education

September 16, 2017

One of the most popular concepts when it relates to company performance is how they think about and integrate disruptive innovation into their business model. Many companies both large and small claim to be disruptive. In this post, we will consider disruptive innovation from an education perspective related to what kids are currently learning & how that content may be important to the futu...