Fantastic venue for a birthday party. My 7 year old and his friends had a great time. The instructors were wonderful.
- Smita M.

My son loved DA. It does a great job of helping young kids begin shiftting from the video game consumer to the developer mindset. What was most impressive was seeing 4th graders do full robotic applications after one year. We did a summer camp that helped him explore various things from robotics to movie design. Now that we know what my son's strengths and interests are, we're looking forward to enrolling him in more classes. I highly recommend this place.
- Will D.

This was very enjoyable for my son. He loves tech, so this was a perfect way for him to learn new technology and interact with other tech-y kids. Great experience for him.
- Chrissy K.

Highly recommend Digital Adventures. My daughters (ages 11 & 13) attended summer camp. They explored a variety of programming, games and projects--such fun & creatvity!! We plan to continue with future classes to further their computer learning. Definitely a must for kids growing up in today's tech world!!
- Cristin C.

My grandson has been going to regular classes here for the past two years during the school year. He attended camp here last year, and again this year (last week). He loves both the classes and the camp. He has gained so much confidence and knowledge. I highly recommend Digital Adventures!
- Celeste K.

Jim is an excellent instructor, patient and tailors the instruction perfectly to the child's level. Our son is learning and having so much fun at the same time. And Digital Adventures has some classes that are a little more affordable for us which we are grateful for. We feel very fortunate to have Digital Adventures in our own backyard. And what a view of the Bahai Temple at night ;)
- Beth O'Malley Brand

I am truly inspired by the development of my niece Ikumi after one week of the ultimate adventure camp at Digital Adventures. She is not fluent in English, but she fell in love in what she learned, created 3 video games, 1 smart phone game, and completed 2 lego robotics projects. Furthermore, she gained confidence. She was shy on the first day, but at the end of the week she captured the concept of programming. Now she is courageous enough to try to communicate in English in every occasion. She truly enjoyed every moment with Jim thus she created Kanji name for him, 慈夢, reflecting his merciful and engaging personalities, with his dream to develop kids for the better society in the future. Thank you Jim and Omowale. Hiro and myself are grateful to you, and we are proud of Ikumi:)
- Chika Miyamori

Now it is the summer before 5th grade and he went to 3 weeks of DA Camp. He loved it. He learned more about 3D printing. It was nice that they recognized that he had already been to the camp in previous weeks and they let him do different things than the other kids that were new to the camp that week. One thing I did not think about when I signed him up for 3 weeks was that he would be in front of a computer for 6 hours every day! Ugh! But Jim was good about making sure they took breaks away from the computer and to teach them to close their eyes to rest. Even adults have problems learning to do this at work every day. Thanks Jim! My 4th grader son had a great time at DAcamp this past week. He made a remote control for a video game, 3D printing and Lego mechanics.
- Cissy Furusho

My son had a great experience at the summer camp, and during the weekly sessions last year. I would highly recommend DA. He has learned a lot about coding, and had a lot of fun while doing so.
- Ceylan Eatherton

My daughter really enjoyed coding camp at Digital Adventures this summer. This was the second of two coding camps she tried this summer and Digital Adventures kept her interested by offering a different specialty camp each day, and it was great to have the flexibility and element of choice for her to attend on the days that interested her the most!
- Monique Mandrea

I highly recommend Digital Adventures summer camp. Our 9 year-old son loved the variety of cutting edge tools they learned and the staff was fantastic! Sign-up was easy, communication and follow-up from the team was great and our son can’t wait to go back. We were super impressed with the whole operation.
- Kaitlin Verber

My son had great time during his camp this summer. He attended full days and half days. He learned and did some really cool stuff from creating and printing his own 3D printed image that he got bring home, to creating his own animated movie, which we were able to download the software for free on our computer for him to play with after. My son loved the Minecraft days most of all. Highly recommend!
- Chanelle Duarte-Suley

My two boys (ages 9 and 6) love digital adventures. Both classes and camps are great - the topics and the instructors never disappoint!
- Alex Abell

My 9 year old son had such a great time at Digital Adventures full-day Ultimate Adventure Camp this summer! He loved that each day had a different theme (robotics, visual arts, Minecraft, etc.) and thought the projects were fun and interesting. He looked forward to going every day, made new friends, and was proud of what he created. In addition to all the cool things my son was exploring, I appreciated that the camp was well organized, staffed with smart, funny, engaging instructors, and that the campers were taken to Oz Park over their lunch hour for some exercise and unstructured play. My son told me it was his favorite day camp from the entire summer, and he did quite a handful! Would highly recommend!
- E. Beckerman

My 8 year old son attendee the summer camp and loved every second. Since then he has been doing one on one classes with Digital Adventures that have provided insights and opportunities for him that I have not found anyplace else. The management team has been unbelievably accommodating in providing personalized sessions and they are very open to looking into alternative ways to help kids learn. The entire experience has been life changing for my son and the team has been wonderful to work with.
- Steven Siegel

This tiny storefront houses a great computer class with big fun for kids. My 4th grader hasn't stopped making animations since she attended summer camp last week.
- Kelly Skony

Our 11 yr. old daughter has been enjoying the 3D printing classes led by Jim and Patrick - fun and educational all at once!
- James Abbott

My 11 year old son enjoyed spending a week of afternoons at Digital Adventures in Wilmette this summer. He learned some basic animation (and some otger stuff), which he is enjoying playing around with now at home. The instructors were really nice, bright young people. It would be an even better exp’ce if the kids had more opportunity to get to know each other. Thanks!
- Hedy Helfand

My 12 year old son started taking classes here last spring and he's loved every second of it. Very knowledgeable staff and very personalized attention make this a must for any child who has an interest in learning about technology
- Judd Baskfield

My son started here a few weeks ago after we moved from CT where he did coding for many years - he instantly said he much preferred this set up - better instruction, teachers more knowledgeable and more fun! For me it’s also much better value than where we went previously
- Jennie Pastor

Love the personal attention each kids gets from the classes! Creative atmosphere with encouraging teaching style. Our kids love it!!
- G G.

I enrolled my 6yr old son here for a week long camp; his first tech camp. He absolutely loved it and came back wanting to do more. It has unlocked his creativity and sharpened his focus. I highly recommend it and looking forward to enrolling him in more classes.
- Adnan M.

My Girl Scout troop loved the robotics class. They really got into building and programming. Great instruction!
- Daphne S.

This is the most incredible place. My daughter loves every minute she spends there. She has learned so much about technology and the confidence spreads into other things. She comes out of class talking non stop about what she learned and what she is going to do next time. Highly, highly recommend.
- Mary Ann W.

I highly recommend Digital Adventures. My girls are obsessed with their coding classes. Whether it's Mine Craft programming, 3 D printing or scratch. They are fully engaged and completely enthusiastic about their time spent in class. The instruction & knowledge is top notch. Of all the activities my girls are involved with, I find this both time and money very well spent.
- Maggie S.

My son loves Digital Adventures! He is excited to go to class each week and is eager to talk about his projects. He has enjoyed the variety of classes that Digital Adventures offers, including Minecraft modding, Scratch programming, and 3D printing. I've been impressed by how Digital Adventures has helped sharpen his problem solving skills, not just in coding but more generally too. When something at home is not working right (e.g., tv, dvd player), he now thinks about what might be wrong and systematically tests out possible solutions. It's amazing how much he's learned - he's only 8! Thank you to Arjun and the Digital Adventures team!
- Katie K.

My son is in 3rd grade and recently attended the winter camp. This is the first time I've ever seen him truly excited to go somewhere. He was challenged, learned new skills, felt confident and proud which really, what more can I ask for? He loved camp so much that he asked me if he can go on a weekly basis, so now he's enrolled in classes. I highly recommend Digital Adventures! Excellent place!
- Michelle B.

At Digital Adventures, kids learn really cool stuff from coding to robotics to 3D printing and no prior experience is needed. Initially, my 2nd and 3rd graders were a bit nervous to start camp but by the end of the week they became huge fans. Each day my kids were excited to come back, and it also gave them the confidence to learn new things. In addition, since both my kids are heavy iPad users, my husband and I felt that it was important to also teach them the back-end technology to understand how tech works and to be able to build things from scratch. Great job, Digital Adventures!
- Mary B.

A fantastic experience for children of all ages! The instructors are wonderful and create a fantastic learning environment. It doesn't matter how comfortable your child is with computers, the instructors make sure every child has a great time and learns a ton! Highly recommend Digital Adventure for weekly classes and camp!
- Helaine R.

My 9 year old son loved Digital Adventures! He loved creating his own monster and seeing it come to life in the 3D printing camp. The teachers were very welcoming and knowledgeable. It was also super helpful to have the flexibility of a daily (rather than weekly) camp option. Definitely a great experience!
- Jessica W.

My boys (ages 9 & 6) love Digital Adventures. They've taken both classes and camps there and always come home wanting to go back right away! The instructors seem able to create fun and challenging experiences for kids who are more advanced and those who are new the topics. We highly recommend them!
- Allison F.

If you want a place where your child will actually learn and not just play, this is the place. My son has taken coding classes at various places in the Chicagoland area and this is by far the most educational. He came home from summer camp and I couldn't believe how much he learned in one week. He also wanted to continue to code and do digital art on his computer while at home. The instructors are well educated and really know their stuff. They make it fun to learn and class sizes are not very large. I am signing him up for Brain Games classes in the fall.
- Lynn G.

Love this place. The classes challenge my fifth grader and the student to staff ratio cannot be beat. I have searched everywhere for an extracurricular my son would look forward to coming to on a weekly basis and find engaging. This place is it! For the first time, I did not need a friend to enroll too. He loves the class, is challenged, and I see him laughing. For kids who a technologically driven, I highly recommend Digital Adventures.
- Aleah K.

Great experience with the day Camp. My daughter loved it. The counselors/teachers are super friendly and high energy. Having the option to do daily and not weekly was also great.
- irsk

Had a birthday party here for 8 boys (ages 6-9) and they had a great time (and learned a few things as well). We were a bit concerned before the event about the amount of coding that might be involved but it worked out great as the instructors tailored their assistance to what the individual children wanted to do. There were 2-3 adults supervising the kids so there was plenty of attention provided for individual questions. The space is nice and clean and the location is great. We hope to get our kids back this summer for some individual classes or maybe a camp.
- Matt N.

My nephew Caleb was visiting this summer and instead of sitting at my house watching me work I thought I would enroll him in a day camp. He is a typical teen and not really impressed by much but he couldn't stop raving about his week at DA. When he was leaving Chicago he said he wanted to come back to Chicago next summer so he could go back to camp... even if I didn't live here anymore :)
- Jessica P.

My son loves Digital Adventures! The instructors are great and the content is awesome! My son has so much fun while actually learning.
- Brian L.

We recently held my son's 11th Birthday at Digital Adventures. The process was so seamless that we felt like we needed to repeatedly call to make sure that everything was all set. On the day of the party, we arrived at a beautiful facility staffed with two knowledgeable instructors. The owner was also there and him and my husband enjoyed conversation while our crew of 10 kids enjoyed learning to code ROBLOX. The process was every parent's dream as it required pretty much nothing from me but filling out a form and showing up. I highly recommend Digital Adventures.
- Cassandra K.

This is an overdue review. My son, who is now a rising high school sophomore, has been going to Digital Adventures for a couple of years. Before going here, he took a few summer camps at a digital camp took place at University of Chicago run by a large organization located in CA. He said that Digital Adventures is so much more helpful than the pricey summer camp we used to do. The instructors here are amazing. The curriculum design is structured in a way that children can make piecemeal improvement while gaining confidence and growing interest in coding. My son was a little behind in CS class at the British School when he started, and he just ended with an A in CS on his first year high school transcript!! Just sign up - you won't regret it!
- Ambrosia O.

My son spent a morning off of school with a camp at Digital Adventures. He loved it! I inquired about a camp and when there wasn't one listed on the day I needed, I emailed them. Not only did they respond that same day, but they ended up scheduling a camp for the day I requested. Such great customer service. My son is eager to return. When I went to pick him up he wanted to continue working on his project and worked another 20 minutes. He said the morning flew by. We will definitely return.
- Kristin G.

To be clear, I can only review Digital Adventures for their day-off camp offering. Thanksgiving week my daughter's school took the whole week off and by Wednesday we were driving each other crazy. Looked around last minute for a fun half or full day camp and found all the usual suspects... Closed! Seemed odd, but DA to the rescue. Little disappointed they only had like 3 or 4 kids that day (and no girls! ) but she had a great time and didn't want to leave when I picked her up six hours later. They even let her make a harry potter elder wand with the 3D printer, which she is still a bit infatuated with. It's a little pricey but not shocking for Lincoln Park. Hoping to try a more extensive program at some point. For day camp, definitely recommend.
- Kim R.

My son loved digital adventures! For a long time I've wanted my son to get out of the consumer mindset and shift to the developer mindset. I believe that shift is now underway D.A. does a phenomenal job of integrating the fundamentals of coding with his favorite video games, Roblox and Minecraft. The prices are also quite reasonable. I was very impressed with my son's progress and we were looking to give him a more specialized focus in terms of his interests and strengths with the classes they offer. I was so impressed seeing the 4th graders code full robotics applications after only 1 year of these classes. My son also enjoyed bonding with the kids there, and seem to enjoy working with them more than the kids at his school. He made some friends. I highly recommend this place.
- Billy D.

The first day of camp, my 11 year old son ran out and went on and on about how much he liked it. He loved all the activities because they were challenging and hands on and the teachers were nice and helped a lot. He was just eager to share what he did and how "awesome" his morning was.
- Tameeka M.

My two boys are still talking about this camp. They have been to three different camps this summer, and this is their favorite. They will be back next summer!
- Elizabeth J.

Our daughter loves Digital Adventures! The staff is great and makes math, engineering and coding fun. The exposure to a variety of technologies from 3D printing to animation to minecraft to robotics and more is fantastic. We are so happy to have Digital Adventures in Wilmette!
- Monika J.

My son lives for his weekly time with Digital Adventures. He has even chosen it over an afternoon of laser tag! The staff are friendly and accommodating, and there's always something new for my 8 year old to learn and do. He's even going to have his birthday party there now.
- Mindy K.

Digital Adventures is awesome!! My kids have done many classes there. Great learning and knowledgeable, patient staff
- Kathleen M.

Great program! Great instructor and activities! My son especially liked creating games and using Lego Mindstorms. Being able to sign up for individual days was really helpful for scheduling! The instructor was friendly, knowledgeable and patient.
- Miriam S.

This is a review for the Lincoln Park location. And it's LONG overdue. This is NOT your run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter computer coding place. It honestly has no competitor in its category. Arjun is truly an innovator in both "curriculum," (if I would call it that as it is so flexible to match the student's level of expertise and interest) and teaching method. I don't know how they work their magic, but my child learns and GROWS. He is gaining abilities, not just performing tasks. I think that is what sets them apart. Your money is well spent in that your child doesn't come home with a project. He or she comes home with knowledge, enthusiasm, and abilities. He or she comes home with tools they can apply well into the future. If I could give it more than five stars, I would.
- Eurydice C.

The 8 year-old kid says: "At school, I'm one of the only people in class who knows how to make my own game. Here everyone knows." My son is excited to go here, always proud to show of his handiwork, whether it's a plastic dino he made with their 3D printer or a new game. It's so comfortable for him that the great teachers get him learning lots of new concepts, while he's barely aware that he's leaving his "comfort zone."
- Edie R.

My oldest son started at digital adventures in first grade, he is now in fourth grade and continues to learn a lot. He is very comfortable with technology and applies what he has learned at home and in school where he is ahead of his peers. I have since then enrolled my youngest and they attend classes together which is a great bonding experience. The staff there is wonderful, great with kids, and super flexible. Many thanks to Jim for being great with the boys and teaching them is such a fun way. They love it !
- Amal B.

Our son really enjoyed the week of coding camp at Digital Adventures! He is really an active kid in swimming, football, basketball, and pretty much everything else that requires running, so it was a complete surprise to me when he said he enjoyed his first day and couldn't wait to go back the next day! Honestly, I was blown away by his excitement because I expected him to say it was boring and question why my wife and I signed him up for a summer camp that didn't involve outdoor sporting activities. He even asked if he could do another week there this summer before school starts and wanted to know if he could go after school as well. I know I sound like a commercial, but he learned how to code in just a short time. By Wednesday, he showed me a game he designed and played in front of me and on Friday had designed and built a battle bot that he used at the camp's competition that day. Needless to say, I think we've found a way to channel the inner IT Guy in our budding athlete.
- Scott C.

Our first experience here was fantastic! The instructors were very welcoming, friendly and patient. My son wanted to come back as soon as possible for another session!
- Casey B.

My 10 yr old son participated in several weeks of the Ultimate Adventure camp this summer in Lincoln Park. We stumbled into it by chance when another camp was cancelled and it turned into the only place that my very active son wanted to be this summer, so we kept coming back. He really loved it, and when I came to pick him up each afternoon, it was difficult to pry him out of the place. Despite having a number of age ranges in the kids that attend, he always felt he got the right amount of attention and instruction and was challenged (in a good way) which furthered his learning and skill set. He gets bored very easily and is not usually impressed by activities, but digital adventures has the right formula. We spread the word to a few friends and they also had a great experience. The instructors are very friendly and the space is inviting and approachable. As a parent I like the flexible options of doing a half day/full day and however many days of the week you choose to attend. I'm sure we will look to do additional classes now that the school year has started and will definitely return next summer for camp.
- Nicole R.

Our daughter (8) had an excellent experience at a weeklong summer camp. She learned valuable new skills and the instructors were kind and capable. Her favorite parts were the robot wars and designing a game.
- Alicia W.

My 10-year old son has been attending Digital Adventure classes on Saturdays for about three years now. He likes the classes very much, it's been his favorite activity. The Digital Adventure instructor is good with kids, they love him. He's also been flexible about classes, if my son has to skip a Saturday for some reason, he's always given us makeup lessons next week. My son has learned quite a lot over this time. They started with using Scratch and writing simple Roblox games. Now he writes Python code with ease and knows basic Java. He develops video games that actually work. His geneal technology/computer literacy is well ahead of the curve. When I recently bought a range extender for our home network, my son had installed it and had it operational before I finished reading the instructions. Well, I do think today's kids spend too much time on video games. But at least my son not only plays them, but also creates his own ones.
- Igor P.

Digital Adventures is a super fun way to introduce coding and computers to kids of any age. My 8 year old came home the first day with so much excitement and eagerness for the next day! The instructors are really nice and the staff is very helpful. We had an issue with signing up for the wrong day but the staff was very accommodating! Definitely recommend to all parents of curious kids
- Uzma W.

My 12-year old son loves Digital Adventures. He currently takes the virtual reality/video game class at the Wilmette location. He looks forward to class every week, he is thrilled to show me his "finished products", and he often brainstorms new features/options to add to a game on the car ride home. His instructor, Jim, is wonderful. I highly recommend this class!
- Beth L.

My son has been going to digital adventures for several years. He is now 13. He has taken their classes, camps and is currently getting private coding lessons. Digital Adventures has been such a great place for him because he can enjoy his love for computers and learn at the same time. The staff is great. I highly recommend Digital Adventures for anyone who wants their children to code.
- Emily Z.

Digital Adventures is a wonderful spot for kids! I took 3, two nieces and a nephew for a Saturday morning outing. They participated int he Yelp 3D printing event. I was asked not to it with them very politely and it was explained that kids will grasp and focus better if I am not there-- I was within earshot and I could see all the kids---and found it to be true. They were quiet and focused the whole time. Meanwhile I was able to chit chat with the lovely owner of Digital Adventures Omawale. What a kind, humble person. I live quite far away or I would certainly enroll the kiddos in one of the classes this summer but I would say this is a great idea for a gift or summer classes for kids. I understand they have an after-school program during the year too. Nice area in downtown Wilmette, plenty of parking, very nice staff, and Omawale even mailed the finished products to the kids---who were thrilled to have something they created!. Keep up the good work!
- Sonia L.

We're very happy with our 9 year-old daughter's experience at Digital Adventures. She's gone once a week to Minecraft Modding for a couple of months and loves the course. Since she goes on a week night, she's essentially getting one-on-one instruction. Jim does a great job of making it fun while learning. She's ready to start exploring the other courses too. We feel lucky this educational resource is so close to us on the Northshore.
- Aaron S.

My 7-year old son did a weeklong camp at Digital Adventures and loved it! He was skeptical about going, but learned to do a lot of cool things- all on the foundation of coding. I'm impressed with how much he learned in a week and Jim was a great instructor! Definitely recommend -
- Rachel S.

Give this place your business, these guys came up with a innovative way to education the kids about the games they play on the computer. Our daughters got to learn how to make a mod for their Mindcraft game today. They had so much fun and it was a learning experience. They do camps and birthday parties too. It was wonderful experience for the kids and the people who instruct and run it are so much fun to be around. I hope this business really takes off if it hasn't already.
- Jaci Y.

My son has been taking classes with Arjun in the new Lincoln park location for 2 months now. He loves it, its the only activity where he says "Time to go!" and leaves the house very easily. Arjun is amazing, each week he teaches my son something new. Scratch one week, robot legos the next... Looking forward to future classes. Thanks for coming to lincoln park!
- Natalie P.

Our 4th and 3rd grader participated camps a few times. Overall experience was more than expectation. Our kids have been to other IT/conding camps but they say Digital Adventure is the best. The class covers various contents such as conding, robotics and 3D printer which keep students excited and make them IT savvy! Instructors are knowledgeable and attentive enough with appropriate student/teacher ratio. Only one drawback is pricy tuition,,, but it's worth it rather than ordinary camps at vacation resort or park district. We will come back again!
- Atsuko C.

Our 5 year old participated in a Lil Coders class recently. The content and programming is innovative, and the teacher was very attentive to the kiddos. I am a big fan of Digital Adventures, and I would recommend to any parent looking for a fun, educational activity for their kids.
- Danny R.

My kids have taken 3 classes so far and they have been looking forward to their classes every week! I've been really impressed with the cool projects they've been showing my five year old kids such as coding and robotics. They use a story with each lesson and they're learning about technology in an interactive way (not just apps). I would highly recommend this place, even for kids as young as five. They've been able to keep my kids' attention for an hour and they're always excited with their finished product!
- Scott R.

My 7-year old daughter participated in the week long Ultimate Adventure camp. This was an excellent introduction to a variety of STEM topics; she truly enjoyed her time at the camp and had great things to say about the instructors. Despite the range in ages attending the camp (most older than my daughter), she did not feel overwhelmed and particularly liked building her own video game, the animation project, and 3D printing!
- Scott H.

My son really enjoyed this class.. we are staying for another class now! (2hours) Highly recommend this place.. very friendly.. clean.. just positive vibes!!Love it!
- Bella P.

My child LOVES Digital Adventures! In his first month my son created a scratch video game, a Lego Robotics bowling project, a 3D printing skyscrapers lesson as well as a minecraft modding project where he designed his own custom minecraft food. My 6yo officially knows more about coding than I do! I live in Chicago, near the northern border. So I opted to take my son to the Wilmette location, it's about a 20 minute drive. I LOVE this location because during my son's class I can take a 10 minute walk the the gorgeous Baha'i temple, stop at the pizza place around the corner, or get work done at the cafe down the street. Parking is easy. It is also located immediately off the Purple line Linden stop (close to Northwestern's Ryan Field). I am also endeered to Digital Adventures because they do a great job with my son's special needs. My son has Cerebral Palsy. Some extracurricular programs have felt ostracising to my him. But not Digital Adventures. His teacher Jim is excellent. Jim accommodates my son's needs while treating him like the wonderful, normal kid he is! I am so happy we found this place. My son looks forward to his class every week and begs me to return additional days! Thanks Jim, Omowale and the rest of the Digital Adventures team! :)
- Eva B.

We highly recommend Digital Adventures with its wonderful programs, and especially the teacher Mr.Jim. The classroom is engineered to be easily adopted by young kids set in a play-based environment. My 4-year-old boy can easily adapt to the new learning. Mr. Jim and the founder/staff are nice, patient and great. We are impressed by the program as the parents. It was not just us, our kid loves and rates DA the best among all his other STEM enrichments by comparison. We have also helped spread the word to our parent communities. Overall, very good program, and excellent business!
- Emily P.

Many thanks to Digital Adventures for an excellent experience we receive each time we're here. Our child loves the programs here, which is due in large part to its instructor's relaxed teaching style. We look forward to many more sessions at Digital Adventures.
- Jim A.

All three of my children received excellent personalized attention, and they loved learning how to make video games. I feel that they are pretty confident programmers now. Thank you!
- Sarah T.

Great teachers who make learning to code both fun and engaging.
- Karen Z.

I had been looking for a class for my 10-year old son that provides interesting and fun afterschool computer classes, without much luck. Then this place magically opened up nearby. My son loves it and is absolutely giddy when he walks out of there. He took an 8-week course where he learned various techniques and programs, as well as 3D printing. The instructors make coding fun and engaging. It's owner-operated and owner/manager is very responsive, flexible and customer-friendly. My son missed a class after I forgot, and instead of using the general "no make-up policy" rule, the manager actually sought me out to re-schedule the session, at no charge. The space is clean and kid-friendly. Check it out for after-school classes or camps!
- Meg O.

Our 5th grade son has been going to Digital Adventures once a week for the past 5 weeks for their 3D printing class at the Wilmette location and he's really loved the experience. He has taken other technology-based classes elsewhere previously and had an interest in 3D printing and likes Digital Adventures better than the other organizations we've worked with in the past. He really likes the small group/teacher ratio and the "cool" ideas that the instructor comes up with as well as that the student can also choose projects. He also likes the open learning atmosphere and says that while he's learning it's also a lot of fun and he's always enthusiastic going to class and excited to tell us about what he did afterwards. Keep up the good work!!
- Andy K.

My three children (ages 6, 9, and 10) had wonderful experiences with Digital Adventures' classes. There were two young, energetic, and knowledgeable instructors for a class of eight kids. They had varying level of interest and experience with technology. Each kid in the classes enjoyed their experience! Keep up the great work!
- Tracy K.

My boys have loved going to computer coding camp this summer. They look forward to each new learning experience and always have a radiant smile when I pick them up. They are so eager to teach me every thing they've learned. I'm a coder now!!!! Great place to be!!!!
- Sandra O.

My 12 year old daughter attended a one week camp this summer. She enjoyed her week very much. She was the only girl in the session, and I suspect this made it a little difficult for her to feel completely comfortable. I would highly recommend this program to others.
- Peggy S.

My son loves Digital Adventures! He says it's his favorite place to go - a place where he can be himself, try new things, and make new friends. I feel great knowing that on top of all the fun he's having, he's also acquiring valuable concepts. Their curriculum and teachers are fantastic - it is truly an adventure in learning.
- Sarah W.

My son has taken a 3D printing class at Digital Adventures and loved it. He will definitely be signing up for more classes this summer. I stumbled upon Digital Adventures when my 11-year old son declared that he wanted a 3D printer for his birthday. I told him that first he needed to learn how to use a 3D printer. When I searched for options - Digital Adventures came up and I was thrilled that it was in our neighborhood. My son was already using the 3D printer the first class and now has a display of all the cool things that he has designed. On our recent vacation I had to take pictures of a particularly cool looking building as he wants to try to design that next. Great teachers, great place and great addition to Wilmette.
- Rhona D.

My son and daughter attended a summer camp at Digital Adventures and really enjoyed it. They could not stop talking about it at the end of the day. The classes are interactive with a great student-to-teacher ratio. The kids were very proud to share what they had done at the end of the session. We will likely come back in the fall for the after-school program.
- Lilia K.