Many thanks to Digital Adventures for an excellent experience we receive each time we're here. Our child loves the programs here, which is due in large part to its instructor's relaxed teaching style. We look forward to many more sessions at Digital Adventures.
- Jim A.

All three of my children received excellent personalized attention, and they loved learning how to make video games. I feel that they are pretty confident programmers now. Thank you!
- Sarah T.

Great teachers who make learning to code both fun and engaging.
- Karen Z.

I had been looking for a class for my 10-year old son that provides interesting and fun afterschool computer classes, without much luck. Then this place magically opened up nearby. My son loves it and is absolutely giddy when he walks out of there. He took an 8-week course where he learned various techniques and programs, as well as 3D printing. The instructors make coding fun and engaging. It's owner-operated and owner/manager is very responsive, flexible and customer-friendly. My son missed a class after I forgot, and instead of using the general "no make-up policy" rule, the manager actually sought me out to re-schedule the session, at no charge. The space is clean and kid-friendly. Check it out for after-school classes or camps!
- Meg O.

Our 5th grade son has been going to Digital Adventures once a week for the past 5 weeks for their 3D printing class at the Wilmette location and he's really loved the experience. He has taken other technology-based classes elsewhere previously and had an interest in 3D printing and likes Digital Adventures better than the other organizations we've worked with in the past. He really likes the small group/teacher ratio and the "cool" ideas that the instructor comes up with as well as that the student can also choose projects. He also likes the open learning atmosphere and says that while he's learning it's also a lot of fun and he's always enthusiastic going to class and excited to tell us about what he did afterwards. Keep up the good work!!
- Andy K.

My three children (ages 6, 9, and 10) had wonderful experiences with Digital Adventures' classes. There were two young, energetic, and knowledgeable instructors for a class of eight kids. They had varying level of interest and experience with technology. Each kid in the classes enjoyed their experience! Keep up the great work!
- Tracy K.

My boys have loved going to computer coding camp this summer. They look forward to each new learning experience and always have a radiant smile when I pick them up. They are so eager to teach me every thing they've learned. I'm a coder now!!!! Great place to be!!!!
- Sandra O.

My 12 year old daughter attended a one week camp this summer. She enjoyed her week very much. She was the only girl in the session, and I suspect this made it a little difficult for her to feel completely comfortable. I would highly recommend this program to others.
- Peggy S.

My son loves Digital Adventures! He says it's his favorite place to go - a place where he can be himself, try new things, and make new friends. I feel great knowing that on top of all the fun he's having, he's also acquiring valuable concepts. Their curriculum and teachers are fantastic - it is truly an adventure in learning.
- Sarah W.

My son has taken a 3D printing class at Digital Adventures and loved it. He will definitely be signing up for more classes this summer. I stumbled upon Digital Adventures when my 11-year old son declared that he wanted a 3D printer for his birthday. I told him that first he needed to learn how to use a 3D printer. When I searched for options - Digital Adventures came up and I was thrilled that it was in our neighborhood. My son was already using the 3D printer the first class and now has a display of all the cool things that he has designed. On our recent vacation I had to take pictures of a particularly cool looking building as he wants to try to design that next. Great teachers, great place and great addition to Wilmette.
- Rhona D.

My son and daughter attended a summer camp at Digital Adventures and really enjoyed it. They could not stop talking about it at the end of the day. The classes are interactive with a great student-to-teacher ratio. The kids were very proud to share what they had done at the end of the session. We will likely come back in the fall for the after-school program.
- Lilia K.