Partner with us!

We offer a range of customized programs for schools and community partners including classes, camps and workshops.

Are you interested in bringing Chicago's top-rated technology education program to your organization? We've worked with a number of partners in the Chicagoland area to provide programming for their students.

In-school classes

We have delivered both single-class workshops as well as multi-week courses for our school partners. These lessons can either be delivered by our team or in conjunction with your teachers and supported by our professional development courses.

Before/after-school classes

We can help enrich your students' school days by providing age-appropriate coding or robotics courses before or after-school. With our library of over 500 technology projects, you can be sure that your students will always be engaged.

Custom programming

We've worked with over 2,000 students and understand how to teach technology effectively. Depending on your needs we can work with you to create a custom program that your students will love.

Let us know what you need!


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