Company Overview

Digital Adventures was developed for kids, by parents. Our founders recognized the wide and growing gap between technology consumption and creation by kids. So, they envisioned a solution that would help close the gap and prepare our most precious natural resource, kids, for a brighter tomorrow. Our team combines a wealth of experience across key functional areas including education, computer science, engineering, marketing, and product development; we are proud to present Digital Adventures. We hope your kid likes it!

Digital Adventures is an educational program that utilizes a series of proven techniques and technologically advanced platforms to teach kids (K - 12th) how to CODE (program computers). Our fun, interactive lessons, led by qualified instructors, ensure students will develop the skills to successfully create the cutting-edge technological solutions of tomorrow.


To develop & increase access to high quality technology-based education for the next generation of students


To inspire kids to develop innovative solutions to the world’s biggest problems using technology as their platform

Call 844-KID-CODE (844-543-2633) for more information or to register for our coding classes, technology camps, birthday parties & makers workshops


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