How we teach


Digital Adventures utilizes a project-based approach that focuses on learning by doing with the ultimate goal of developing problem solving skills within each and every kid. To achieve this goal, we have seamlessly integrated key computer science, math, and engineering topics such as: conditional statements, variables, loops, recursion, iteration, debugging, error handling, motion control, boundary conditions and computer aided design into our projects. The result is a curriculum that not only makes sure kids have fun but ensures they have a great experience in the process.

Curriculum Library

Within our curriculum, we have developed a comprehensive library of hundreds of different projects for kids to explore. And, we promise to never repeat projects with any of our kids. This means that whether they enroll in our after-school program, camps, makers workshops or all of the above; the experience will be awesome and the content will be new each and every time. We also recognize that kids come into our programs with a variety of backgrounds, interests, and skill sets. To ensure that each kid has a personalized and engaging experience at Digital Adventures, our instructors have the ability to differentiate instruction by offering beginner, intermediate, and advanced content within each project.

Failure is Part of Learning

Central to our philosophy of learning by doing is the recognition that not only is failure OK, but it is a key part of the educational process. Given the complexity of topics covered, our instructors are there to guide kids through figuring out what went wrong and helping them get back on track. We believe that through this process, kids develop an increased confidence in their problem solving capabilities.

Digital & Physical Artifacts

At the conclusion of each project, your kid will receive either a digital (video game they can play) or physical artifact (3D printed object) to reinforce their capability to conceptualize, design, develop, and build anything they put their minds to.

-CODE Your Own Adventure!

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