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The Digital Adventures curriculum goes beyond traditional software concepts to teach students the problem-solving techniques and social-emotional skills that are critical for real-world technology development. Our immersive, project-based learning experiences are designed to trigger curiosity, stimulate creativity and sow the seeds of life-long learning.

Join our engaging and highly qualified educators for weekly 50-minute classes all year long, or explore our project platforms below to learn more.

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Our learning platform is designed to maximize student growth

Our modular project walkthroughs use a hint-based system so students only get as much help as they need. We automatically assess progress based on how much support students use, so they learn to work as independently as possible.

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Hover Squares
Key and Door Maze
Roblox Studio
Living Comic
Ant Racing

Featured Sections

Featured Student Projects

Gravity Dodger
Completed by Mandy D
Toy Sack clicker!
Completed by Tejus B
Walking NPC
Completed by Liam M
Roblox Studio
Working rpg game
Completed by Henry N
Cannon Physics
Completed by Benjamin B

Our approach

Start with lots of support, and slowly remove it over time

We start students in a safe, guardrailed environment with lots of platform-provided hints and instructor guidance. As they become more confident and knowledgable, we progressively remove this structure until students achieve mastery by building projects completely on their own.


1. Beginner
10 classes
Introductory programming concepts
2. Explorer I
14 classes
Decomposition & Algorithm Design
3. Explorer II
12 classes
Intermediate programming concepts

After completing a foundation in their first programming language, students can switch to a new area like Scratch, Roblox or JavaScript. Or they can continue in the same language to deepen their understanding.


4. Builder I
14 classes
Core debugging & troubleshooting techniques
5. Builder II
20 classes
Independently complete low-level project features
6. Extender
24 classes
Pattern Recognition & Abstraction


7. Designer I
24 classes
Complete assigned projects with no support
8. Designer II
20 classes
Design, scope & build a full project from scratch
9. Leader
24 classes
Coach & lead teams of peers

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