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JavaScript is one of the most popular languages used by professional programmers. It's used most often to build dynamic web applications. Students will use it, along with HTML & CSS, to build websites, games and animations.

Students gain experience in basic front-end development. Students will be exposed to all fundamental aspects of scripting, including functions, logic, loops, and variables.

How do JavaScript classes work?

In our 50-minute online JavaScript classes, your kid will have a blast making their ideas real with technology. Along the way, they'll develop resilience and learn the basics of coding & problem solving.

Each JavaScript class is guided by a Digital Adventures walkthrough. In the walkthrough, we outline 7-15 challenge steps that your child will need to complete during the project. Within each step is descriptive text and images to aid instruction.

If your child gets stuck or needs help customizing their project, our instructors are there to help.

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Web Paint 2
Completed by Alan D

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