Learning to code and build with technology is really fun

Learning to code and build with technology is really fun

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When we think about coding and learning to build with technology, the image that might pop into your head is someone pulling out their hair or banging their hands on the keyboard.  While there are certainly moments of frustration, the reality is that learning to build with technology is first and foremost really fun.

Helps you understand the world around

From the time we wake up in the morning with our smartphone alarm clocks to when we check the latest news or stock quotes, technology is all around us on a daily basis. This omnipresence can create a fair amount of anxiety if you don’t know how it works. On the other hand, if you are able to gain a fundamental understanding of how technology works through the building process, these concerns are alleviated.

Similar to going on a tour of a manufacturing facility or walking through the warehouse of your favorite retailer, learning to build with technology provides insights into how the hardware and software we engage with on a daily basis is made.

Through the building process and the inevitable challenges that come along with troubleshooting something that doesn’t quite work as expected, one is able to better understand how to manage these occurrences when they are outside the building environment.

Enables you to express creativity

Whether it is creating websites or making your own TikTok videos, one of the best canvasses ever created is a digital one. As one learns how these different technologies work, it gives them to best opportunity to express their creativity in the medium of the day.

In prior generations, we had the invention of the printing press. Those who wanted to get their ideas into the world would write books. For the modern generation, digital publishing is one of the best way to communicate ideas and have them spread to a wide audience.

If we explore recent trends, we are seeing unprecedented numbers from video views on YouTube, TikTok and other digital first platforms. So, not only is a digital canvas an ideal platform but it also enables your ideas to spread further faster than at any point in prior world history.

The next generation is full of world changing ideas and inventions. With technology, they will be able to not only conceptualize but can also put these ideas into action more quickly than would have previously been possible.

Creates a platform for future success

Success in many ways is both iterative and cumulative. Those who learn a bit about technology over a sustained period of time have an unlimited potential for future success. When we place this against the backdrop of the rapidly changing nature of technology with new innovations like cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence, we quickly realize that the only constant will be change.

As technologies change, there will be a need for those who can harness the potential of these new innovation. We are seeing this unfold before our eyes with blockchain and cryptocurrencies.  Lots of people are searching for the application that will be able to utilize this inventive technology.

However, we’ve seen that even as new technologies are invented there is someone who comes right behind to try to figure out how to do it better, smarter and faster. This cycle of creative disruption is not going to change. In fact, it is quite likely that innovation will accelerate especially for those who have a strong and constantly improving foundation in technology.

Wayne Gretzky was asked how he was able to be successful in technology. His answer, “I skate to where the puck is going”.  Those who are investors can appreciate this example as it informs how you can utilize cycles to jump on board something early that is more than likely to have future success.


While we may typecast coding and technology building as really challenging, the truth is that those who understand it have a lot of fun with it. They are able to understand the technology-based world around them, express their creativity and develop opportunities for future success.  Overall, people tend to enjoy those things that they are good at. So, let’s focus on making sure that we give our kids every chance to be successful by learning how to build with technology.

About the Author: Omowale Casselle is the Co-Founder & CEO of Digital Adventures.