1. Beginner

10 classes for Scratch

Students gain fundamental computer literacy and gain a basic understanding of introductory programming concepts like loops, logic, variables and events. Students also complete a full project using our software platform, but without instructor support.

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L1.1. Basic Setup

2 classes

We'll assess your progress in this level during class

  • Login to the DA site
  • Navigate to the in-class dashboard on the DA site
  • Open a walkthrough from the in-class dashboard on the DA site
  • Access all levels of walkthrough hints on the DA site when prompted
  • Refresh web pages
  • Navigate to past projects on the DA site
  • Navigate to Scratch
  • Create a new project in Scratch
  • Load in starter kits in Scratch

L1.2. Scratch Basics

2 classes

We'll assess your progress in this level during class

  • Easily combine Scratch code blocks, including logic, loops and conditions
  • Create and destroy pre-created sprites and backdrops
  • Design custom sprites and backdrops using paint tools in Scratch
  • Save projects in Scratch
  • Upload projects to your online portfolio
  • (optional) Take screenshots of projects
  • (optional) Upload screenshots of projects

L1.3. Independent Walkthrough Navigation

4 classes

We'll assess your progress in this level during class

  • Complete an entire project using the online walkthrough without asking for instructor help

    L1.4. Basic Scratch Knowledge

    2 classes

    When you're ready, please set up a time with your instructor to take an assessment for this level

    Explain why each of these programming concepts is useful:

    • Loops
    • Conditional Logic
    • Variables
    • Events

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