Digital Creations

3D Printing

Technology Platforms:
Tinkercad, 123Design, Fusion 360
Individual iMac, 8:1 Student-Instructor Ratio
Skill level:
All skill levels

For this course, kids will explore one of the newest and coolest technologies ever developed by bringing three dimensional computer designs to life right before their eyes. If your kid can't get enough of building with Legos, this is the course for them!

We select technology platforms for students based on age and ability level. Read more about our platforms below.



Grades K+

Tinkercad is beginner-friendly, drag and drop 3D modeling program that lets students create suprisingly detailed 3D prints. It doesn't require students to have any CAD experience - they just drag and resize shapes in space.

Students learn 3D modeling techniques as well as the constraints and advantages of 3D printing as a manufacturing technology.



Grades 3+

123Design is an intermediate-level 3D modeling program that lets students create more complex projects than would be possible in Tinkercad.

Students learn precision modeling techniques including extrusions, fillets, chamfers and more.

Fusion 360

Fusion 360

Grades 5+

Fusion 360 is a more advanced 3D modeling program that lets students create highly precise models using professional-level modeling techniques.

Students learn specialized modeling techniques over and above what is possible in 123Design, including sculpting and subdividing with edge loops.

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