3. Explorer II

12 classes for Roblox

Students use the computational thinking skills of Decomposition and Algorithm Design to plan and execute a solution for an intermediate programming challenge. Students also gain a deeper understanding of fundamental programming concepts as well as more advanced concepts like operators and functions.

Choose a project platform to view the Explorer II-level progression in more detail

L3.1. Achieve 80% Independence From Code Support

10 classes

We'll assess your progress in this level during class

  • Complete project walkthroughs using less than 20% of available code hints and minimal instructor support

L3.2. Intermediate Roblox Programming

2 classes

When you're ready, please set up a time with your instructor to take an assessment for this level

Answer the following questions about core programming concepts in Roblox:

  • What is dot notation in programming?
  • In the line
    explain what the math, the random and the 100 does in the code.
  • Explain what's happening in this line of code
    local door = script.Parent
  • Explain what's happening in this block of code
    while totalCoins < 40 do
      totalCoins = totalCoins + 1;
  • Explain what's happening in this block of code
    if moved == false then
      door.Position = Vector3.new(10,0,0) + startpos
      door.BrickColor = BrickColor.Red()
      door.Position = startpos
      door.BrickColor = BrickColor.White()

Complete an intermediate-level programming challenge in Roblox that draws from all of the above concepts

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