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How to Instantly Improve Virtual Learning for Kids

October 23, 2020

Earlier this year, we quickly pivoted our in-studio program offerings that teach kids how to code and build with technology to virtual classes at Digital Adventures. One of the big considerations that we had when making this shift is how closely we would be able to replicate the high quality in person educational experience that we had perfected over the years with thousands of kids earning 200...

Online Learning Needs to Step THE Game Up

July 26, 2020

Around the world, many parents are being asked to make a very difficult question - “should I send my child back to school full time or resume online learning?”. Unfortunately, this question is unnecessarily challenging. For many parents, their first exposure to online learning for an extended period of time was in the midst of a global pandemic. Many school districts were faced with the monumen...

All Virtual Learning Didn’t Fail

June 11, 2020

While there are some salient points in this Wall Street Journal article, the reality is that online learning is being painted with a very broad brush. And, unfortunately, most of the commentary is decidedly negative.Just like there are different types of screen time, we also have different types of virtual learning.The reality is that there is much more nuance and considerations that we need to...

3 Ways to Create a Great Online Learning Experience for Kids

April 26, 2020

For the past several weeks, Digital Adventures has completely transitioned our instructor guided, in-person studio classes over to an online format. While this switch has not been easy, we have learned a lot about our students, our families, ourselves, and our business.Through the process of working with these various groups, we have identified 3 key elements to creating a great online learning...

3 ways for kids to build community during difficult times

April 18, 2020

Over the past few weeks, New York City & Los Angeles made the difficult decision to shut down their respective school districts for the remainder of the year. Earlier this week, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker followed suit and closed all schools in the entire state for the balance of the year. This means that the 3 largest school districts in the entire country which collectively teach milli...

This is NOT a NEW normal. Parents need support!

April 11, 2020

Within a few short weeks, many of us have had our lives turned completely upside down. As humans, we have an incredible resiliency and grit. These characteristics means that we fight hard to figure things out as best we can in a rapid amount of time. However, just because we are figuring things out and doing what we can with a very challenging situation does not mean that this is a NEW normal. ...

7 Simple Tips to Help Your Kid Become a Zoom Expert

April 5, 2020

All across the globe, educators, parents and students have been thrust into a new normal.  Instead of attending classes in person at school, many of us are now taking advantage of the latest advances in technology to live-stream our education. While it may seem like it should be a seamless transition, the reality is that for many kids this is a brand new environment that has similar elements to...

5 Quick Tips for Zoom Educators

March 27, 2020

At Digital Adventures, we recently made the decision to shift our entire programs over to an online format. Instead of hosting classes & camps for kids in our state-of-the-art technology learning studio, we have now shifted to a online livestream format using video conferencing technology.  Since we started the company in 2015, our instructors have taught thousands of kid. In the process, w...