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Balancing a mixed-grade classroom to maximize individual learning

February 25, 2017

After years of working in math and computer science education, you tend to discover principles of learning that are distilled from thousands of lessons with different learners. A core idea that keeps coming to mind is that beginners need structure and experts need freedom. It seems like common sense, but I think applying this principle can be tricky in practice, especially when there are multip...

Struggle: the essential ingredient to learning

February 4, 2017

Way back when I was a kid in elementary school, I used to hate it when the teacher would ask the class for an answer and someone would just shout it out while the rest of us were still thinking. It's like being in the middle of hearing a joke, and having someone else interrupt with the punchline. Back then, I didn't have the vocabulary to explain why it made me so upset, but now I realize it's ...

4 Key Benefits to Learning Coding In a Classroom

December 9, 2015

Digital Adventures utilizes an instructor-led, classroom-based model for our coding classes for kids.There are 4 key reasons why we believe this approach is beneficial for our students. Getting Unstuck One of the biggest obstacles when learning a new subject, like coding, is how to get unstuck when faced with an unforeseen challenge. Without the ability to quickly understand where one went wro...