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What's the tech behind popular Xbox and Playstation games?

September 27, 2020

Console gamers have been anticipating the late Fall release of the next-gen Xbox and Playstation models for months. As expected, the games look great, but how are they actually made under the hood? When programmers code video games, like almost all modern software, they rarely start from scratch. Instead, they'll use what's called a game engine. Game engines are frameworks of pre-built code tha...

7 Surprising Ways Fortnite Changed Game Development Forever

November 23, 2018

Love it or hate it, but if you know a child who is in elementary, middle or high school; they know about Fortnite. Even if you don’t think you know about Fortnite, if you’ve been around kids at anytime during the last 18 months, you’ve probably seen them emulating the dances popularized in the game.Fortnite is a global phenomenon that was launched 18 months ago. Since launch, it has taken the g...